Ré Phillips

Ré Phillips is an artist, strategist, and social entrepreneur.

She grew up amidst the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement and remains heavily influenced by Dr. Martin Luther King’s ideas of non-violence. Since the age of 18, she has traveled to more than 15 countries to internationalize messages of peace, hope, and non-violent resistance through leadership workshops, exhibitions, and performances. 

An emerging markets expert and international development strategist, Ré has nearly a decade of experience working with communities in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East across the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Her work has been supported the American India Foundation as a Clinton Fellow (New Delhi, India), Peking University as an researcher of China-Africa relations (Beijing, China), the U.S. State Department as a Fulbright Fellow at Zhongshan Univeristy (Guangzhou, China), and the World Economic Forum as a Global Shaper (Atlanta, USA).

Ré is the creator of AYA Global Innovators (AGI), a creative consultancy that uses art and innovation to provides capacity building and leadership training for young women across the African continent and its diasporas. AGI has executed impact-driven capacity building trainings in Somalia, India, & Lebanon and continues to support inclusive human development for women of African descent across the globe. 

Ré graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Highest Honors) in African Diaspora Studies & Modern Languages (Spanish, Chinese) from Stanford University, and a Master of Philosophy in International Development Studies from the University of Oxford, St. Antony's College.




Ré is an emerging markets strategist and a subject matter expert in Afro-Asian relations, African migration and development, and South-South cooperation. She has served as a consultant and advisor to the United Nations Development Programme and the U.S. State Department and has conducted both independent and institutionally supported field work in China, India, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Qatar. Ré has authored two prize winning non-fiction manuscripts: Dialectical Praxis of Afro-Asia: The Stakes of Transnational Black and Red Geo-politics and Flows: African Migration to India. She is currently producing her third manuscript: Dreaming in Chinese



Panel Talk. Strides and Challenges in Nubian Cultural Preservation. AU Mission, Washington, D.C. 2018.

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Panel Talk. Blackness in the Islamic World. Harvard University. 2018.

Panel Talk. Aesthetics of Afro-Asia. KED. Beirut, Lebanon. 2016.

Public Talk. Historicity of Gospel Music. U.S. Consulate. Guangzhou, China. 2014.

Lecture. The Power of Ideas in Art. Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Art Faculty.  China. 2014.

Panel Talk. Freedom's Ring in Freedom's Fall. Dulumpinar University Art Faculty. Turkey. 2014.

Panel Talk. The African-American Women Artist. Auburn Avenue Research Library. Atlanta. 2014.

Lecture. Reweaving the Eternal Circle. Mary Oligvie Gallery. London, England. May 2014.

TV Appearance. Modern Nubia in the Sudan. Sudan TV. Khartoum, Sudan. March 2013.

TV Appearance. Modern Nubia in the Sudan. Ashorooq TV. Wadi Halfa, Sudan. March 2013.

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Article. Passages to China. Seismopolite Journal of Arts and Sciences, 2012.

Article. Reflections on Addis Abeba, Gondar, and Bahir Dar. Stanford Journal of African Studies, 2009.



I am a storyteller- a painterly, melodic griot of sorts.
— Ré Phillips

Through paintings and performance, Ré's art explores the intersectionality of art and activism. Her work has been exhibited in Beirut, New Delhi, Barcelona, Oxford, Ankara, Guangzhou, Atlanta and Palo Alto. She has served as a U.S. cultural envoy performing sacred black music with the National Theatre Company of China, the National Theatre of Uganda, and the Palestinian National Theatre, and has also performed sacred music of the African diaspora in South Africa, the Sudan, the U.S., India, and beyond. She is represented by Brickworks Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia.


Changing Course. Brickworks Gallery. Atlanta, Georgia. March 2019.

Magnify. The Masquerade. Atlanta, GA. March 2018.

Romance with Words. Space 2 Gallery. Atlanta, GA. November 2017.

Beirut Design Week. MENA Design Research Center. Lebanon, Beirut. May 2016.

The Power of Ideas in Art. Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Art Faculty. Guangzhou, China. October 2014.

Heaven and Earth. Moma Art Space, Guangzhou, China. October 2014.

Heaven and Earth. U.S. Consulate, Guangzhou, China. September 2014.

Transcendence. Dulumpinar Gallery, Kutahya, Turkey. April 2014.

Reweaving the Eternal Circle. Mary Oligvie Gallery, University of Oxford. Oxford, UK. June 2013.

Barcelona Showcase. Global Art Agency, Casa Gaudi Batillo. Barcelona, Spain. April 2013.

Untitled. The Little Gallery, Oxford, UK. March 2013.

Having Saved Myself for You. U*Space Art Gallery Group Exhibit, Atlanta, GA. March 2012- April 2013.

Remembering Trayvon. Auburn Avenue Research Library Exhibit, Atlanta, GA. December 2011 -April 2012.

Dilli Haat Exhibit. Ministry of Tourism and Textiles. New Delhi, India. 2011.

An Art Affair. Stanford University Organizing Committee for the Arts Exhibit, Stanford, CA. 2008.






Since 2004, Ré has worked in communities across Africa, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East on issues related to human rights, diversity and inclusion, gender equity, development, and migration. Ré has received many prizes and awards for her peace work, including the Rare Rising Stars UK award, the Call to Conscience award from the Stanford Martin Luther King Research and Education Institute, and the Princeton Prize in Race-Relations.

Her view that the arts has the propensity to be an igniter of social and political change motivated her to create AYA Global Innovators (AGI), a creative consultancy that uses art and innovation to provides capacity building and leadership training for young women across the African continent and its diasporas

Mission Statement

We believe that art matters and has the power to create change. Thus, our mission is to utilize the power of arts, creativity, and innovation to promote community capacity building, mutual understanding, cultural preservation, and educational advancement.


  • We believe that art has an intangible power to enable social change.

  • We believe that sustainable development in Africa starts one individual at a time.

  • We believe that women hold the greatest potential for unlocking innovative solutions to systemic challenges in the developing world.

Previous Consultancies

Abaarso Tech in Somaliland, Alonsor in Lebanon & AIF Learning and Migration Project in India.


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Language Summary for Ré Phillips

Speaks 7 Language(s); Can travel to 130 country(ies)

FSI & ACTFL Certification of advanced linguistic proficiency in Spanish and Chinese (2010)

A1 Hindi Proficiency, Zabaan Language Institute (2011)

Angela Pinkney Memorial Prize, Oxford University OPAL Language Certification, Mandarin Chinese (2012)

Angela Pinkney Memorial Prize, Oxford University OPAL Language Certification, Arabic (2013)


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